a note about co-illustration

When Jeffrey came to me with the beginning 2 lines of Half Popped, I said it sounded like a children's book.  When the poem began to take shape and a real story began to emerge, he asked if I would illustrate.  Of course I said yes.  But then i got on earth would i bring an entire kitchen to life?  

The answer came as I was playing with an artsy iPhone app.  I could photograph the story, shot by shot, using real popcorn, real carrots, my own fridge.  I could take those photos and render them to look like drawings.  But we still needed someone to bring these inanimate objects to life with limbs and faces and feelings. 

Enter Alex Miller - uber talented artist.  We loved the samples he sent, but more than that, we loved that he spoke "Jeff & Dayna."   You see, we definitely have our own language. He's been my brother for 28 years -- if I intone a word in a certain way, he just knows the feeling I'm trying to convey.  Pretty hard for a stranger to pick up. But Alex took some seemingly ridiculous notes ("I think that Kenny is feeling a little womp womp womp on this page." "We want you to make this a cereal pool party that you'd want to attend." "Sure, they all live in the fridge, but they're not all related.") and he just nailed it. 

So the background images you see, that's all Dayna.  The details are all Alex.  But the feeling behind them -- well, that's a little of all of us.  

We hope you enjoy.