the silly goose turtle

 The other day my niece, Tess, woke up from her nap. Earlier in the day she had her first haircut and as a reward her mother (aka my sister, Dayna) bought her a little toy turtle. 

Now -- when Tess wakes up it can go 1 of 2 ways. She can be her sweet, loveable and huggable self, or she can be a littleā€¦less than lovable.

Thankfully this toy turtle, whom she named Henry, put a smile on her face as soon as she opened her eyes. Turtles are good like that. 

"You're a silly goose," she told the small, shelled figure. 

"A silly goose turtle?" Dayna asked. 

And like that a new nickname was born. Silly Goose Turtle. She doesn't quite get it yet. 

But it also spawned a new idea. What if that turtle were real? What if he heard Tess call him a silly goose? Naturally the amphibian would believe he was a goose, equipped with all goose-like abilities; he could fly, squawk, lay eggs, migrate...

And Henry, The Silly Goose Turtle, wouldn't let anyone or anything convince him otherwise. Because he'd want  to fly and squawk and lay eggs and migrate. Besides, Tess told him so.