Cheryl Butler, Macmillan Publisher's QDT "Mighty Mommy" says:

As Macmillan Publisher’s “QDT” ‘Mighty Mommy’ and the mom of eight kids ranging in ages 8 thru 20 I can’t tell you how many children’s books I’ve read to my kids through the years and reviewed for my parenting podcast—hundreds and hundreds!  That’s why when a cleverly written book such as Half Popped catches my attention I simply have to stop what I’m doing and share with the rest of the children’s story-time world! 

In this day and age most kids are struggling to find their niche and fit in with their peer group.  (Hey, most adults are still trying to do this as well!)  As parents and teachers it’s difficult to watch a beautiful young soul feel like they are not good enough to fit in, especially when many times this image of not being perfect is something conjured up in their own minds, not in the eyes of those around them.  That’s why  this delightful story about Kenny, a half-popped kernel of popcorn, really hits home and resonates with youth—his message that we all have unique qualities and strengths is beautifully portrayed in his very cute story about mingling with other foods in the pantry that he thinks have everything going for them until he hears their own struggles. 

Mighty Mommy highly recommends this clever and witty story about learning to love who we are in the present moment.  The illustrations are sweet and fun, adding that much more whimsy to this wonderful children’s book!

The Mommy's Guide says:

I have to say I love this book. It is truly unique not only in the story itself but the illustrations are a wonderful combination of both photography and illustrations. The story is told in a lovely rhyme and it covers everything from nutritional foods, helping others and being happy with who you are.

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Pretty Opinionated says:

I love that Half Popped first and foremost is a story about being proud of who you are. As Kenny points out each food’s strengths, he sends a message to kids that we all have wonderful qualities. The fact that Feuerstein managed to do it in such a clever way just makes it better. It’s a totally unique book, just like Kenny is a totally unique kernel of popcorn!

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One Haute Mommy says:

My children absolutely loved this  book and I did as well.  It is truly inspiring and teaches the importance of self-confidence, accepting others differences and seeing the beauty in everyone. 

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Shelly's Bits and Pieces says: 

Everyone feels discouraged sometimes.  It is a journey we all encounter, the road we travel and how we handle things makes all the difference.  Half Popped did a great job explaining things on a level that everyone can understand. 

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FL Mom's Blog says:

I loved the message/lesson that you can take away from the book, about self-confidence, to look at yourself as others see you! A compliment goes a long way and it's definitely a great children's book!

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Readers' Favorite says:

I highly recommend this book as an addition to your child's library, and it would be awesome to use in a classroom or for those who home school.  So why not grab a bowl of popcorn and this sweet little book and have a good time reading to your children? 

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Jenn's Review Blog says:

I'm so happy I get to add this amazing book to my boys' bookshelf. The story is told in rhyme which is very engaging for my young boys. The illustrations are bright and colorful and my boys loved them.  Every family should have a copy of this book to share with their kids. 

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Hey Lorri says:

The book is written in rhyme, making it fun to read to kids, with a mixture of actual photos and illustrations, making it a unique story. 

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Big Blueberry Eyes says:

This would be a great book to have in preschool and Kindergarten classrooms to help foster discussions on self-confidence, differences, and having a different perspective on situations. 

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Stuff Parents Need says:

Half Popped is a great jumping off point for conversations about difference, gifts and talents and what it means to be true to yourself. The book is full of funny illustrations and great examples of how we are so much more than meets the eye.

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Brunch With My Baby says:

A story about a popcorn kernel with big potential!

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Simply Stacie says:

Half Popped is a fun way to remind children to be kind to others, especially those who may appear to be different from the group. It is also a lesson in becoming confident and secure with oneself despite potential challenges.  It was definitely a hit with my younger children ages 6 and 7 who thought this story was silly with a nice message. 

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Susan Heim on Parenting says:

Kids will cheer for Kenny as he finds his own happiness. Half Popped encourages kids to see themselves as others see them and to appreciate being different. Written in rhyme, with artwork uniquely combining photography and illustration, this is a clever story that children will want to read over and over again.

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Loving Life's Simplicities says:

This story gives an important lesson on self-confidence and reminds children that even if they are feeling bad they can still be kind and help others. It is told through rhyme, and the pictures are very interesting. They combine photographs with illustrations, which makes for a very unique look. I loved that we could point out things in the cabinets and refrigerator that are staples in our own home.

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Dawn's Great Finds says:

Half Popped is an adorable story that has a great story line and awesome illustrations.  I was glad to add this story to my children's book collection. 

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SoCalCityKids says:

We give this book a thumbs up and a must-have for young kids!

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The Nurse Mommy says: 

I definitely recommend this book to children that are a little "different!" I think this book celebrates our differences, and shows that even though we are all different, there are people who love the kind of person (or popcorn) we are! It offers and awesome message in a lighthearted story! 

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My OKC Mommy says: 

We had a great time reading about "Kenny's journey." I think the story was trying to let kids know that there is an upside to everything. 

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Real Moms Real Views says:

This story is quite adorable and the illustrations are a wonderful mix of illustrations and photography; very cool! I love the rhythm of this story, as the rhyming lines really make it flow along at a fantastic pace. The kids loved it and were totally hooked through the first read (and many after).

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Cluttered Genius says:

Kenny learns an important lesson about seeing yourself as others see you. While you may not feel like the best, someone out there loves you for sure! I asked Miss Sassy Pants what she learned. She said, “I learned it’s ok to be different.” And, she’s right! Kenny is different as are all the other pieces of food he talks to. It’s ok to be different because we can each offer something to those around us!

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IEMommy says:

Half Popped is a really awesome story written by Jeff Feuerstein. It is all about a half popped kernel that feels sorry for himself because he is just that, half popped! t is not only a great story, but also the illustrations by Dayna Brandoff and Alex Miller really help tell the story just right. The message I got when I read the book was to be happy with who you are and not be so hard on yourself because everyone else sees your potential and thinks you are already really great.

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KouponKaren says:

This story is delightful and easy for kids to read.  It rhymes which is always a favorite of my kids. The illustrations re cool the way they missed photography and drawings together to make the pictures really pop. I love the story and how Kenny tries to show everyone else the bright side of being who they are, but yet he still felt slighted. Such a good story for kids who think everyone else has it better than them. 

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Storywraps says:

Remember curling up on the couch to watch your favorite movie with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap?  Ever wonder if that popcorn was personified what it may be thinking?  Ever think that each kernel may have a name and a personality?  Ever wonder what the "rejects" at the bottom of the bowl feel as they are left swimming in the salt and butter....waiting....waiting...waiting to be chosen but are left untouched, ready to be discarded by the human eating machine.  Well this adorable tale of one such disparaged kernel of corn will give you an insight into what it is like to be left behind because of an imperfection that was not in any way his fault.  You will enjoy the read and I highly recommend it.

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Motherhood Moment says:

I love the kernels of popcorn that are a little hard, but not completely unpopped - the half-popped ones. And now, there's a book about them! Half Popped tells the tale of a kernel that isn't quite popped at the bottom of the popcorn bowl with all the unpopped ones. Throughout the kitchen, he sees foods that aren't happy about their status - half of a sandwich cookie without frosting, grapes that want to be the other color - and makes them all feel good. But what about him?
It's a cute book, and my girls enjoyed it. It's a very unique story, with simple colorful illustrations, and it was fun to read!

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Maria's Space says:

We loved reading about Kenny the half popped kernel! If Kenny had stayed in the blow, he would have eventually been eaten because our favorite popcorn is the almost popped.   

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